dubai police application : Check the Criminal Status of Financial Cases in UAE

dubai police application : Check the Criminal Status of Financial Cases in Dubai

Dubai Police Force was founded on June 01, 1956, and was established in “Naif Fort,” as its Headquarters, And in 1973, it was moved to its current location. “Naif Fort” was transformed, later into one of the Dubai Police Stations ( dubai police application ).

Dubai Police is a vital part of the United Arab Emirates Police Force. It aims to enhance the quality of life in the Country by performing constitutional rights to enforce the law and strengthen the security and safety of the community and the Country.

Dubai Police Force is chaired by His Highness, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al-Maktoum; Vice-President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai.

Excellence and Quality

Dubai Police uses the highest and the greater precise measure of its operation in executing its responsibilities, functions, and strengths, through the institutional execution indicators and the practice of strategic planning, efficiently managing human and financial resources, and simplifying procedures, community innovative initiatives, respect of personal excellence, and teamwork.

Dubai Police was the first Arab police institution to use DNA testing in criminal investigation, the first Arab police organization to use Electronic Fingerprinting, also the first Arab police institution to use the concept of a “Clean Desk Policy”.
Dubai Police Force is also the institution to found a department exclusively for human rights. It is an overall “Community Police” that is exerting this role coming before many police departments in the world.

And also the first Arab Police to use the Global Positioning System (GPS) and the first to apply patrol location technique, along with many European and American countries.

Dubai Police Force also won many awards for its excellence locally, regionally, and globally. In addition, it acquired numerous first-place awards in numerous contests.

In holding up with the cultural and technical advancement, Dubai Police is the foremost, at the Arab World level, to introduce “Electronic Services” in trades and completion of procedures, remotely, in a record time, and in an effective way.

Our Strategy

The graces and blessings of God are countless; we may name a number of these blessings under one title which is SECURITY. We, as human beings, feel that each job we execute may bring back a specific type of security, such as personal, emotional, and social.

Deputy Chief of Police and General Security

Not by aspirations but by devotion, Dubai Police HQ has succeeded in the Gold Category Award. Quality can only be accomplished from the top and no one can apply Total Quality unless the higher management is supporting this aspect. Quality from the higher management can only be initiated from a conviction of its importance. We should build knowledge, create a culture out of this knowledge, and create practice out of this culture.

Dubai Police App

The official Dubai Police App to access all our smart services. Our app just got more instinctive with the recently added Drive Mode and Police Station Mode to enrich usability. This Mode feature also allows for faster and safer better commutes in Dubai. We have also made your visit to our police stations much smarter with the Police Station mode.

Main Features:

SOS – People in trouble can use the feature so that the operation department can promptly answer the user.

Police Station Mode – Allows checking the number of customers holding out at each police station including the average waiting time. You can also issue a ticket before reaching the station to avoid standing in the queue.
Drive Mode – Drive smart by acquiring instant traffic accident data having the traffic status.
Police Eye – Report any doubtful activity with ease and anonymity.

My Map – Interactive map with news about traffic accidents, police station areas, 24/7 pharmacies, and better.

Report Traffic Violations in Dubai via “We Are All Police”

Report Traffic Accidents – Fill out a simple accident form in just 3 minutes, take an image of the damaged areas, and obtain your report via email or SMS.

  • Activity Feeds – View all your trade’s timelines in one view.
    MYID – Sign in utilizing your MYID account and entry your profile assets. Bring all your aids under one screen & view all your vehicles, pay all your fines, and view case status & application requests.
  • Interactive Messaging Center which is a new interactive medium to smoothly apply our services by text or voice chatting.
  • Business Mode: if you are an owner or PRO of any business you can now use our services for many employees at one time.
  • Smart Reporting Camera: This creates reporting more effortlessly, all you need to do is capture anything and send it to us using proper service (Police Eye, We Are All Police, and Feedback).




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