How to Download Birth Certificate Easily

How to Download Birth Certificate Easily

We all know the birth certificate is the most important document today. Usually, the Birth certificates are handed out by the Local Self Government Department. Before you have to go straight to the office and need to apply for the certificate. But now in the digital age, all state governments and all the other services of the local bodies here come under one online website, so now anyone can download birth and death certificates just by sitting at home at any time. Here are the steps to download and use your Birth Certificate.

First, you need to go to Google and search LSGD Kerala. Then you can visit the LSGD Kerala website of the Kerala Local Self Government Department for the search result.
We can find the Birth and death certificates on the left side of the website when you open
them. The website is available in both English and Malayalam. And the service is reaching out to the website Civil Supplies. Select Certificate Search here.

Then you need to click on the district in the District, area and then select Local Body as Municipality, or Corporation, as shown below. Then select Local Body. Click the search button below. You will now get a page including birth registration information. and you see the last update and the information at the top. Death registration information may also be provided. Also, see the number of birth and death certificates issued each year.
Then you need to select the birth certificate that appears on the left side. The current name should include the child’s name, date of birth, gender, father’s name, and mother’s name. Certain care should be taken to enter the child’s name rightly.

Type the word verification below and click the search button. If you desire to search for input in Malayalam, you can then click on the Search in Malayalam button above. When you click on the search button, you can see the information that you have entered and the related documents. Select whichever field you belong to. Click on the View button on the side. Now you can see the birth certificate. Then Click on the print button below it so you can now print and save the page that you have received. Using this you can easily download and save your birth certificate according to your wish.

Birth certificate:

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