irs payment : pay Land Tax through online in Kerala

irs payment pay Land Tax through online in Kerala

Land Tax Online in Kerala: Most of the central and state governments are now updated to the digital age so their services are all available online. So we don’t have to worry about going directly to the offices and spending a lot of time in the queue in the old way. And not only this now anyone with digital knowledge can use government online services from the enjoyment of their own home. This means now you can pay your land tax online. Accordingly, those living in foreign countries who hold land in their birth nation do not have to reach directly to pay taxes. Rather, land tax can be paid for the land by using the revenue department’s website. This means you can pay land tax online using your computer or mobile phone. irs payment

This land tax can be paid online through the revenue department website To do this first, you need to generate an account after opening the website first.
To do this, select the registration option. Enter your name then your location your phone number, and finally your aadhaar number, and all details and then click on the next button. After that, you can build a user id and password on the occurring page. In future, you will pay land tax using the user id and password you have created here. And type the captcha code. When you click on the submit button, you will receive an OTP to the phone number you entered.

Once you have built an account, you can click on the signup button to pay taxes. Now on the login page type the username and password you created before and then the exact number is given in the below section. Then click on the login button below.

You will get a tax payment page. Select the New Request option on the left. Fill in all the details like district and village accurately.

When you accept the option to add to payment, the land tax information will emerge in the form of an additional message. On the Payment Receipt page, you will discover information regarding paying taxes. The page will automatically show some information, which you can use if for have a previous tax receipt from the last tax year. Also, the receipt number of the last paid land should be added here. All information can be added in the space marked as Remark. Then click on the Pay Tax button
Now you will get a page about how much tax you have to pay. Below this, you will see two options Pay Now and Pay Later. You can pay the tax immediately, or pay it later if you want. Information about later payments can be found here in the My Requests section of your home page.

irs payment

If you choose the Pay Now button, you can pay tax online using any of the online payment procedures like online banking, UPI etc. You will obtain a tax payment receipt similar to what you would commonly collect from a village office. If you plan to pay the tax later, select the My Request option and pay the tax in the online form any time you want.

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Sanchaya – The Revenue & Licence System

SanchayaThe Revenue and Licence System“Sanchaya” is an application software suite developed for the computerisation of Revenue System in local governments. This application handles property tax, profession tax, rent on Land and building and licenses such as Dangerous and Offensive (D&O), Prevention of food Adulteration (PFA) and Advertisement tax etc. Utility payment services like Hall booking, ambulance, vehicles, crematorium, payment on water bill etc, can also be done through this software.

Sanchaya consists of two modules: 

  1. Sanchaya LB module captures the details of tax payee/institution and demand
  2. Sanchaya Web module (e- payment) is a web based application through which a citizen can check the tax amount due, and remit the taxes through an electronic payment gateway. It also has facility for e-filing of statements onlin

Web Application designed for integrating textual data with Spatial Data in order to obtain a purified land records maintenance system adhering to maximum ground truthing. The integrated e Maps Application will be a tool for the effective management of land records, minimize scope of land disputes, enhance transparency in the land records maintenance system, and facilitate the goal of guaranteed conclusive title to land.The scope of the system comprises an end to end solution for cadastral mapping, starting from digital verification of raster and vector data of cadastral maps, conducting digital survey, its integration with Textual Data and services such as mutation, updation, distribution of Land Records and maps in G2G and G2C domain as envisaged in the objectives of DILRMP project. The web application will incorporate all organization work flows and procedures followed in the Department.In present scope of work, cadastral maps are prepared within village boundaries with proper village index defining association and direction and orientation among plots constituting the village. The Citizen will be able to get the updated Digital Sketch of every single parcel in the village.

for e maps visit the link :


Integrated Revenue e-Payment System
An online payment system has been made operational since 2015 in online activated villages as an added feature of ReLIS enabling citizens to remit various taxes online from anywhere any time. Public can remit the amounts directly at village offices or through this system. The amount collected will be transferred to state exchequer efficiently and accounts are managed digitally in all revenue offices. The application is also equipped for the collection of revenue recovery dues and also the distribution of welfare funds as and when the situation demands.


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