fair value kerala: How to Determine a Land’s Fair Market Value Kerala

fair value kerala

For many people, purchasing their own house is a difficult endeavour. When purchasing land, there are a variety of factors to consider. There are numerous advantages and disadvantages of purchasing land without first researching it. Ordinary individuals typically approach any broker to purchase property. But there’s something else to consider if you’re thinking about buying land through a broker. That is, brokers may attempt to impose land on you at a reasonable price. ; fair value kerala

To minimise price speculation, the Kerala government assigns a fair value to various types of land based on the registration fees and stamp duty that must be paid for certain property transactions. After depreciation, the fair value of the plot also applies to homes and flats if there are no additional construction expenditures.

Factors that influence a property’s fair market value

The site

Whether it’s a plot, a flat, or a standalone villa, the proportions of the property play an important role in determining its worth. In comparison to a smaller parcel of land, a larger one will keep more meaningful value.


The property’s location is a crucial determinant of its value. If the property is in a desirable location, it receives the first estimate. The core of the city or an area featuring premium structures and residential neighbourhoods, including spacious apartments, such as MG Road in Bangalore and CP in Delhi, are examples of excellent locations. Properties in rural places or on the outskirts, on the other hand, are valued at a lesser rate.

Demand and supply

The property’s demand-supply dynamics influence its fair worth as well. Higher demand that isn’t matched by enough supply will inevitably drive up the fair value, but an overabundance would stifle capital growth. Demand for real estate is fueled by a number of additional variables, including easier access to home loans, rising disposable income, and rural-to-urban migration. As a result, changes in the property’s fair value are triggered by economic conditions.

What is the difference between fair and market value?
The fair market value of land or property is determined by state government officials. The market value of land in Kerala, on the other hand, is established by the marketplace, which is based on supply and demand. When the chosen transaction value of land is less than the fair value of land, the fair value of the land is usually taken into account for deeds registration and stamp duty. In Kerala, the fair value or consideration amount is utilised to determine the registration and stamp duty fees. The higher of the two is taken into account.

How can I find out how much land in Kerala is worth?

You must follow the technique outlined below step by step in order to determine the fair value of land:

Step 1: Go to the website listed below and complete all of the relevant fields.

Step 2: Choose your district, taluk, and village from the dropdown menus. To continue, you must make these decisions.

Step 3: Fill in the Desam, block number, land kinds, survey number, and other required details. These are not, however, required fields to be filled out.

Step 4: Select ‘View Fair Value’ from the drop-down menu, and you’ll be sent to a new page where you can view the results on your device’s screen.

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