motor vehicles; Check your Vehicle Offence Details and Pay it Online

Check your Vehicle Offence Details and Pay it Online

The Motor Vehicles Department was established by the Government of Kerala to carry out the requirements imposed by the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, taking into account changes and developments in road transport technology, patterns of passenger and freight movements, and the development of Kerala’s road system, particularly improved techniques in motor vehicle management.

SMART MOVE – is software developed by the National Informatics Center by the Motor Vehicles Department of Kerala’s regulations. The software’s strength is that applications for driving licences, conductor licences, transport and non-transport vehicles, permits, taxes, fees, cess, and driving school licences can be approved at any counter in the Regional/Sub Regional Transport Offices. The visitor arrives at the variety of service counters The department’s various Check Posts are powered by SMART MOVE- CHECK POST, another programme developed by NIC in response to a request from Kerala’s Motor Vehicles Department. All services requested by car owners/drivers are provided in less than a minute here!

The Motor Vehicles Department is overseen by the Government of Kerala in terms of action formulation and implementation.  The Department is supervised by the Transport Commissioner who is the Head of the Department.

The main functions of the Department are:

  • Enforcement of the Motor Vehicles Act and Rules
  • Registration of vehicles
  • Collection of taxes and fees
  • Providing services like grant of driving licences, issue of a certificate of fitness, grant of permits to vehicles, etc.
  • Apart from this more important is also given to Road Safety measures and the Control of Automobile Pollution.

The Motor Vehicle Department is one of the government’s main revenue departments. The government has taken various measures to make the operation of the regional transport offices more favourable and efficient for people.
Agents and touts were removed from regional transport offices. Not only has it helped make operations smoother, but it has also eradicated the evils of office corruption practices. The common man is encouraged to approach offices for legitimate service without the help and support of agents and touts

Check Report Offence Details

Steps :

  • Enter your Registration Number
  • Click on the ‘GO’ Button
  • Your Check Report details will be displayed

If any severe errors other than spelling mistakes are found or your vehicle details you should contact the concerned RT/Sub RT Office fast for correction.

Fill up additional requirements if any asked by the computer and click apply

You will  get an application number and you can take a printout of a full set of applications

Instructions for Online Payment

Step 1

Enter your Vehicle Number

Then click the button “Submit”. The list Of Unpaid Charge memos will be shown.

Step 2. 

Select the Charge memos you want to make for the payment.

Then click the button “Proceed To Pay”.  A Message Box will appear and click „Ok‟ to Continue

Step 3.

Select the Mode of Payment you want

If you select Internet Banking. Select your Bank
Then click the button “Make Payment”. You will be directed to the Bank website. Enter Necessary details there.

If you Select Debit Cards Then Select Debit Card Then Select Card Type Then Debit Card Number Then Debit Card Holder Name Then Debit Card Expiry Date Then Security Code.
Then click on the “Make Payment” button. You will be directed to the Bank website.

Step 4.

On submitting the Important details you will be redirected to a screen

You can see the transaction Status (whether Success OR Failure) there.

Step 5.

You can now take the printout of the transaction by clicking the “Generate Invoice” button

Then you will get the e-payment receipt. Keep this receipt for future reference.

Check Online (Parivahan Website): click here
Check Online (Kerala Police): click here
Check Online (Get Chellan Details): click here

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