whatsapp security; WhatsApp login method will change and another feature will be added for security

WhatsApp, a famous messaging app, brings many changes all the time and now WhatsApp is moving to introduce better features for security. With the new update, there will give better security when you log in to your account. This new change can be expected in the upcoming Android and iOS versions of WhatsApp. According to the WahhabetaInfo report, when trying to log in to your WhatsApp account from another smartphone, another step of the verification code will be displayed in the ‘Double Verification Code’ feature itself. According to the report, even if it’s the first attempt to log in to a WhatsApp account is successful, you will be notified that another six-digit code is required to complete the process. If someone tries to log into WhatsApp, another security message will be sent to the owner of the phone number.

If the other phone is already using the + **** number for WhatsApp. You must have to enter another verification code to help ensure that the account is completely under your control. Enter the code as it appears here in a screenshot released by Wabitainfo. The company is also working on the ability to edit text messages on Android, iOS and desktop versions of WhatsApp. It is reported that WhatsApp started working on the message editing feature about five years ago. This feature can be used to fix typos or other errors in sending text messages. However, text that has been edited differently from other text messages cannot be removed late. A screenshot from the Android WhatsApp beta has been released. It is expected to be released on iOS and desktop. There may not be an edit history to check previous versions of edited messages, but there are reports that their plans may change before they are introduced as the feature is being developed.

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