WhatsApp with cashback; Everything you need to know to own

WhatsApp had recently launched a payment service through its platform. WhatsApp is slowly expanding the user base of the payments feature and attracting more users to the WhatsApp payment service. Cash backs offer is one of the main strategies of WhatsApp to attract users. The company offers a total payment of up to Rs 105 to the users who make financial transactions through the payment feature.
Read on to find out how to get this Rs 105 cashback through WhatsApp.

You can now get a cashback offer when you send money to another contact registered in the WhatsApp Payments feature. You can see a gift icon with the name you intend to send money and they are registered to the payment feature. If not, you need to invite them to register in the WhatsApp payment feature. You can get the cashback benefit by sending money to your friends and family. You will get a cashback of Rs 35 once you send money. This will give you three times the cashback (when sending to different contacts). The cashback promotion will be available to different users at different times. Please note that once the promotion is available to you, it will be for a limited period only. The criteria that senders and recipients need to know and follow to get WhatsApp cashback is given below.

  • Use the latest updated version of WhatsApp
  • Must have used the same WhatsApp account for at least the last 30 days
  • WhatsApp business accounts will not receive the offer
  • Not everyone is eligible for promotion incentives
  • Those who have received cash back three times will not receive cashback later
  • Those who see the gift icon will only get cashback when they send money
  • The sender and receiver must be registered in the WhatsApp payment feature and Must be from India
  • Do not work in META or subsidiary companies.

The following transactions will not receive cashback

  • Payments made when App does not see the gift icon will not receive a cashback
  • Payments made by using scanning the QR code will not receive cashback
  • Payments made on Collect Requests will not receive a cashback
  • Payments made with the recipient’s UPI ID will not receive a cashback
  • Cashback on payments made on third-party online apps

How To Send Money Using WhatsApp Payments Feature

  • To do this, first, select the contact
  • Next, click on the payment option next to the chat box
  • Clicking on it will show a pop-up to add a bank account
  • Then click on the Get Started option
  • From the page that opens, select your bank name
  • You can see the verify option on the next page
  • Click on it and verify your mobile number
    (Please note that your WhatsApp number and bank account registration number must be the same to use for payments)
  • Add your bank account after verification
  • To do so, click on the Add option
  • Then click on the Continue option
  • After adding the bank account, enter the amount in the space provided
  • Click on the Next button
  • If more than one bank account has been added, select the bank account to be transacted
  • Click on the Send Payment option
  • You need to confirm by entering your UPI PIN here

Google Pay, PhonePay and Paytm are mostly used by digital banking users in the country. WhatsApp hopes to attract more users to its payment service with the new cashback offer. Your official name will also be used in the WhatsApp payment option. The new system is aimed at preventing fraud. Read on to know more

The name of the bank account can also be found in WhatsApp Payments
With this new feature payment on WhatsApp, other UPI users can see your official name. This will be the official name on the bank account. This system is in line with the guidelines issued by NPCI. Therefore, WhatsApp can not ignore the condition. WhatsApp Payments users have been receiving notifications about this since the end of March. The new rule only applies to the Payments feature in WhatsApp. It does not involve the normal chats or your profile. The NPCI guidelines state that the sender must be able to see the recipient’s name to prevent fraud. Other UPI payment apps are already requesting details including the username of the user.

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