google warmup; How to use Google’s interview warmup to prepare for a job interview

Finding a good job is one of the most precious desires of our lives. But the journey to getting into that great job is not so easy sometimes. The first step is to prepare for the interview. Now just think about your interview. What answers should you give ?? What should be included and excluded in our answers? These are many questions we ask ourselves as job-seekers for preparing interviews. Google has come up with new technology with an AI-based website called Interview WarmUp to help us educate for our upcoming interviews. Google has launched a new website called Interview Warmup under the Grow With Google initiative. The website (via Google) serves as a tool to help people practise answering interview questions to attain more confidence and fulfilment in the interview process. Google had introduced numerous opportunities for people and businesses, including information on job chances and opportunities to grow a better business online.

What is Google Interview Warmup?

Google Interview Warmup is a tool that helps you to train for your interviews. It’s an AI-based platform that asks people questions in an interview and reviews your answers and gives answers about what you should say. When a user opens a website through their desktop, the device asks them to say their answers and uses voice recognition technology to copy the answer and turn it into a script.

How to use the interview warm-up tool?

Go to the Interview WarmUp website and click on ‘Start Practicing’. On the next screen, users will be asked to select a job or field that they are preparing for the interview, and once selected, they will be asked five randomly selected questions. Google asks the questions which are chosen by experts in their respective fields. After reading a question on the website, users can click on the ‘Answer’ and start answering their questions.
Google will copy the answer live, so the users can evaluate their responses. Additionally, the tool provides statistics based on user-provided answers. Alternatively, users can also type the answers with the help of a keyboard. After answering the question, the user has to click on ‘Done’. When reviewing answers, users can review all the answers they give or wait for all five questions to be answered.

The tool review includes statistics, which Google describes as a variety of job-related terms, the most commonly used words, and the most spoken points used by an individual to answer the questions. Once a person has obtained the statistics, they can re-appear for the questions and practice well until they develop their skills. Google don’t grade the answers given by users, it shows patterns and suggestions. The Google Interview Warmup Tool is now accessible for the latest versions of Chrome on OSX, Windows and Android, and the latest version of Safari on iOS devices.

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