You can turn off the internet connection only on WhatsApp

This is the first app that allows you to leave WhatsApp without internet connectivity while all other apps on your device function, naturally when connected to the internet. You can use this app to turn off WhatsApp whenever you feel the messages are annoying you too much, and you don’t even need to turn off your wifi or mobile data.

Important: Make sure Whatsapp is not running in the background.

Using this app you can watch your favourite videos on youtube without any disturbance of Whatsapp messages as Whatsapp is having no internet connection. You can also switch to other apps like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, watch movies or listen to music and you will have complete happiness of your choice without any distraction from WhatsApp. If you’re on a date with your loved one, with your family, or at a business meeting where you require internet but don’t want to be disturbed by Whatsapp messages, simply utilise this app and pause It. What’s more, Whatsapp will not bother you anymore. We’re simply disconnecting Whatsapp from the internet, so you won’t have to turn off your WiFi or mobile data. Yes, this app now allows you to do so.


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