This is why WhatsApp may ask for your official name

Those who wish to utilize the WhatsApp Pay system must now give their full name. When you sign up for WhatsApp Pay, you must include your name in the ID field. It’s fine if it differs from the profile name. When you pay with WhatsApp Pay, however, the recipient will see the account holder’s genuine name. ;whatsapp upi

The UPI instructions should be followed

WhatsApp is requesting an official name in order to comply with the National Payments Corporation of India’s Unified Payments Interface (UPI) rules. The rules are part of a larger effort to avoid financial fraud. They have been notified to comply via the WhatsApp website. The phone number associated with the bank account is used to identify the account via UPI. When paying, use the account name rather than the WhatsApp username.

The method so far is Changing

It was enough to show up to 25 numbers, letters, or emoticons for those who paid with WhatsApp. When transferring funds, the official name is now required. Simply go to Apple Settings> Help Center> About UPI Payments to learn more.

In other words, paying with a WhatsApp username is no longer possible. You’ll need to register a new WhatsApp account if you wish to use WhatsApp Pay for fictitious names. Alternatively, he may refuse to send funds to someone who does not want his name revealed or who claims the funds are from a friend’s account.

WhatsApp Pay does not require the use of a digital wallet

To utilize WhatsApp Pay, you don’t need to create a digital wallet. WhatsApp, like Google Pay, PhonePay, BHIM, and other banking apps, uses the UPI system. Users of WhatsApp can also send money via Google Pay, PhonePay, and Bhim.


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