Google improves Gboard, accessibility tools, and Emoji Kitchen

Google has announced the release of new upgrades for Gboard, Emoji Kitchen, and other of its accessibility products. According to the company, it is continually introducing features and improvements to better interact with users.

“Today, we’re launching a series of enhancements to make your phone stand out as much as you do,” said Angana Ghosh, Director of Product Management for Android, in a blog post.

“From more expressive ways to message your friends to subtle but smart enhancements to entertainment and accessibility, we ensure that every engagement with your Android smartphone is more useful than the last,” Ghosh continued.

Custom text stickers, which were previously only available on Pixel phones, will soon be available to all Android Gboard users typing in English-US, allowing you to enter what you want to say, choose a design, and share your message with your loved ones.

Emoji Kitchen has released new emoji mashups just in time for summer (for those of you in the Southern hemisphere, we’ve got you covered, too).

There are over 1,600 new possibilities to help you convey your excitement, such as when you want to demonstrate how excited you are for your forthcoming summer vacation or add a little hot summer twist to your typical go-to emoji.
The business also stated that customers would soon be able to utilize their Play Points to purchase in-app things without leaving their favorite apps and games.

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