personal finance apps:Are you a businessman?? this will totally helps you

This app uses double-entry bookkeeping procedures to handle your personal finances. When you enter your income, it automatically deposits money into your account, and when you enter your expense, it automatically withdraws money from it.

Money Manager makes personal financial management a piece of cake! With Money Manager’s spending tracker and budget planner, you can effortlessly record personal and business financial transactions, generate expenditure reports, evaluate your daily, weekly, and monthly financial statistics, and manage your assets.

The use of a double-entry accounting system

Money Manager helps you manage your assets and account for them efficiently. It not only keeps track of the money in and out of your account, but it also deposits funds into your account as soon as your revenue is entered and withdraws funds as soon as your expense is entered.

  • Functions for budgeting and spending management

Money Manager displays your budget and expenses as a graph, allowing you to rapidly compare the amount of your expenses to your budget and make appropriate financial inferences.

  • Management of credit and debit cards
    When you enter a settlement date, the asset tab displays the payment amount and overdue payment. By simply adding your debit card to your account, you can set up an automated debit.
  • Authentication code

You can use Money Manager to check your passcode and safely manage your financial review account book.

  • Functions of transfer, direct debit, and recurring payments

It is feasible to transfer assets between them, making your personal and company asset management more efficient. You may also make it easier to handle your pay, insurance, term deposit, and loan by setting up automated transfers and recurrence.

  • Real-time statistics

You may see your expenses by category and how they’ve changed over time based on the information you’ve input. You may also use a graph to observe how your assets and income/expense have changed over time.

  • Bookmarking feature
    By bookmarking your recurring expenses, you may conveniently enter them all at once.
  • Restore / Backup
    In an Excel file, you can create and browse backup files, as well as backup and restore them.
  • Additional features
  • A new commencement date has been established.
  • Calculator function (upper right button > Amount)
  • ON-OFF function in the subcategory
  • Paid version * – No advertisements
  • Assets are limitless (In the free version, limited to 10.)

Wi-Fi is required to view the “Money Manager” application. On the screen of your PC, you can update and sort the data by date, category, or account group. Furthermore, you can view fluctuations in your accounts on graphs on your PC.

This Expense Manager app is a free Android software from the Accounting & Finance category, which is part of the Business category.

Simple to comprehend and use: 

It is simple to understand and use. It is a simple yet lovely UI with a clean and basic interface. Monito may be used by anyone in a matter of seconds.

Track transactions:

It keeps track of your transactions and gives you a distinct view of them. They are depicted in a variety of colours. You may even upload a photo of your receipts to go along with the transaction.

Analyze using graphs:

It tells you how to analyse your income and expenses with stunning graphics.

Manage your income and expenses using categories:

This software allows you to create categories to group your income and expenses together. You can color-code your categories to make it easier to distinguish between them.

Automatic Google Drive backups:

This tool backs up your data to your Google Drive account on a regular basis. It’s also simple to restore data.

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