happy news for apple whatsapp users

The iPad version of WhatsApp, the world’s most popular messaging software, will be released soon, making it easier for iPad users to utilise the programme.

When it comes to utilising WhatsApp, though, iPad owners always had a disadvantage. Because the software isn’t compatible with the iPad, people have to find other ways to communicate with their loved ones. Other messaging apps are available for download on the iPad, but WhatsApp is not. Existing iPad users have long wished for WhatsApp support, and their wishes may soon be granted.

According to recent sources, WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, is planning to release an iPad version soon. The app is developing a multi-device 2.0 idea that will accommodate iPad usage. Users would be able to connect their iPads or Android tablets to their current WhatsApp accounts using this capability. WhatsApp users will be able to access their accounts from four separate devices. They would not, however, be able to access their accounts simultaneously from two different phones. Users of WhatsApp would be able to utilise their phone as their primary account. Then users can utilise WhatsApp Web, WhatsApp Portal, and WhatsApp Desktop to perform the same duties.

According to WABetaInfo’s newest tweet, this could be the launch of Multi-device 2.0. The blog recently shared a screenshot of an iPad version of the software in a tweet. It has the same UI as the iPhone app and is in landscape orientation. The app will be released when the next Multi-Device update is released, according to WABetaInfo.

At this time, it is unknown whether Multidevice 2.0 will have any more functionality. The additional features will be especially useful for iPhone and iPad users, as the software is only available on the former. The new multi-device upgrade could be related to prior allegations that WhatsApp is working on a macOS version.

WhatsApp earlier launched Multi-device, which may be thought of as an improvement to the first-generation WhatsApp Desktop. Users could previously send messages and control chats straight from a desktop PC or browser. However, the business repurposed the feature this year to allow users to attach a device to their account and access all chats without having to keep their phone linked.

Previous rumours suggested that the Meta instant messaging software was also exploring a companion mode. Users would be able to add a second device to their account as a result of this. However, once this device is activated, you will be logged out of your primary device’s session.

While WWDC is still a few weeks away, Apple may make additional announcements about next iOS, iPadOS, and macOS improvements. After the developer’s conference is over, WhatsApp may start pushing out the final feature to all smartphones.

The fact that WhatsApp will soon be available for usage on an iPad is like music to our ears. iPad owners, unlike Android users, are unable to utilise WhatsApp on their devices. There have been purchased apps on the market, but they are not officially developed by the firm, and many people may be concerned about their privacy.

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