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Job interviews take on many forms—no two are ever the same. The interviewers you will come across throughout your career will vary, as will their interview style and specific questions. The one thing that will remain constant? An introduction. It will likely be framed as a casual question like, “Tell us a bit about yourself” but nailing this preliminary interview question will edge you closer to that dream job.

How to describe yourself in a job interview?

Even though the interviewer has reviewed your resume, that doesn’t mean they’ve memorised it. Briefly state your name, education and work history, and what attracted you to the role and organisation.

Work experience
Focus on your most recent work experience or experience that is most relevant to the job you’re applying for. Make it explicit and detailed, mentioning your tasks, accomplishments, as well as your overall knowledge and experience with the sector. Use facts and examples to back up your claims about your abilities. Tell your interviewer, for example, how you increased customer service sentiment by 28% in a year by collecting feedback and finding areas for improvement. This is far more powerful than merely telling them you’re a hard worker who gets along well with others.

Work experience is a crucial component of a job interview, so make sure it’s the major topic of conversation. To make a persuasive case for your professional experience, follow these guidelines:

  1. Determine the importance of your talents and abilities in relation to the position you’re looking for. If you’re interviewing for a finance or
    accounting position, for example, mention your recent job as a Financial Adviser. Discuss associated competencies, such as project planning
    skills, interpersonal skills, or risk mitigation skills, if applicable.
  2. Extrapolate the most fascinating details from your non-work activities. Did your love of travel help you become more self-reliant? Perhaps when
    helping at an animal shelter, you excelled at data management? If you’ve acquired abilities and traits outside of the office, you can bring them
    up in a job interview. This demonstrates your initiative and enthusiasm, as well as allowing the interviewer to learn more about you.

Things to consider when describing yourself

Be clear and logical.
When describing yourself, clarity and logic are crucial. Avoid exaggeration or lies, and back up your claims with real-life examples. Be confident in what you can bring to the company, and you’ll save yourself the hassle of mentioning HR’s lies later.

Sincerity is essential.
Candidates who are truthful and honest are valued by interviewers. The greater the genuineness, the more quickly the interviewer and you, the candidate, can create trust. You and the interviewer will get started on the proper foot if you speak openly and honestly about yourself and your experiences.

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